After having a wonderful chat with an interesting Filipina woman online, she gave you her phone number. Now, your challenge is to make her agree to a date. However, there’s no other way to do it but through the telephone.

Yes you got her phone number but this doesn’t tell you anything yet. Nevertheless, it could be the end of your course of finding a soulmate. You therefore should give your first call importance.

  1. Before you do the call, make sure to prepare a set of topics the two of you can talk about. You may do some follow ups on things you have conversed about in your email exchanges. You may also snoop on her profile page to fish some information that pique curiosity. Prepare a set of questions that are open-ended. A Filipina woman would always be happy to talk about her family as the Filipinos have a close family knit. Allow her an opportunity to talk and never manipulate the conversation.

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This is the age of speed-dating regime and meeting singles online but love has become elusive. If you’re one of the millions of singles looking for true love and not finding it in the Filipina dating scene, maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper into the root cause of your unfruitful efforts. Most of the time, the question “how can you find true love” can only be answered by asking another question: “what am I doing wrong?” Here are just some of the hurdles you may be unwittingly setting for yourself.

How You Think Can Affect Your Results

Oftentimes, it’s your own thinking that becomes your enemy and prevents you from finding love. Take a glance:

  • You’re not sure of what you want. If you’re not clear about your expectations, then don’t expect to get what you want. Like attracts like, and the only way to get what you like is to first find out what it is. Once you know this, you’ll know every time you meet a potential mate who doesn’t fit the bill.
  • Your self-esteem needs work. A lot of singles feel that they’re not attractive enough or good enough or worthy enough of deserving to find love. This is a mere relative deduction from unfounded assumptions; you’re the most beautiful person in the world – all you need to do is let it shine through.

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Pick up any foreign magazine and you’ll most probably find ways on how to be attractive to men. Sure, you’ll find all the usual tips such as wearing makeup to hide facial blemishes, wearing the type of clothing that would accentuate and flatter your body type, and wearing the right accessories to coordinate your overall outfit. However, let us be practical, being attractive does not refer to physical looks alone. Here are some ways on how you can be attractive to foreign men that might surprise you.

  1. Show how much you like to eat
  2. Although Filipina women can eat like a bird compared to other women of foreign background (foreign servings can be overwhelming), men just love women who like to eat. Ladies who say they aren’t hungry and then pick at their date’s food all night can be offensive. Though Filipinos like sharing food, not all foreigners would understand that.
    It’s actually very attractive to men to see a woman who’s not afraid of showing just how much they enjoy their food. Aside from showing that you’re not high maintenance or neurotic about your weight, that kind of unabashed enthusiasm also tends to translate into other areas — including the bedroom. “A woman with a healthy appetite for food tends to have a healthy appetite on all levels, and being affectionate is absolutely a part of that,” explains Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., author of Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship.

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One of the most difficult things after a divorce is to get back into dating and start to look around for another Filipina woman. After all, once you get your heart broken by the woman you once thought was “The One”, dating after divorce seems uncomfortable. However, once you get past that initial fear, dating after divorce might actually be a good thing that can help you heal the hurts that you’re feeling, have a little bit of fun, and if you’re really lucky, find someone that you might want to build a relationship with.

The Good

  1. Generally, divorced Filipina women prefer to date other singles that have experienced divorce themselves. A divorce is usually a messy and painful experience, and those who have gone through it can resonate with a person who knows how it feels to survive such an experience.

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Finding that special one for you in Filipino dating sites is similar to gambling. Sometimes you might get lucky and hit the jackpot, but other times you could end up with nothing. When you encounter a few duds on the dating scene, don't fret. Oftentimes, people get disheartened by these bad experiences and end up dismissing the whole online dating scene. Finding a soulmate online is possible and countless people who found success online will happily attest to that. All it takes is the will to bounce back after a bad date. Follow these dating online tips to help you cope with the lemons you might encounter on your quest:

  1. Develop the right attitude.
  2. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration from the get-go by having realistic expectations. It is essential to prepare by not getting one's hopes up too high. After all, doesn't it feel absolutely terrible when you get excited for days on end about meeting a new prospect, only to fall flat when they don't turn out to be everything you thought they would be? Stop being rigid and give some room for some other positive qualities your date may present that you can overlook easily. Enjoy the moment and to be conscious of hidden opportunities.

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Relationship experts say that when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, foreign men and Filipina women are different categories through which they rate possible partners, and that the driving force is different between the two sexes. When it comes to relationships, men are more attracted to a woman’s physical qualities, while Filipina women are more attracted to a man’s behavioral qualities.


Ladies, don’t be too offended because men put so much stock into the physical, when yes, more “evolved” guys should be putting more importance into the content of the package, and not the wrapping that it comes in.
The problem is, believe it or not, biological. The brain is the most outdated organ in the human body and the brain is most stimulated when it comes to the sense of sight. As a result, men react most to what society says is attractive and desirable, and since most cultures will say that a sexy woman with a slender body, flawless complexion, and fine features is beautiful and desirable in a partner, that’s what they will react to.

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Filipina women can lose faith when they have realized that they have lost all their youth and are still single. Hollywood and magazines have controlled the meaning of beauty. Beauty is equated with youthfulness.
Aside from women their age who are single over 40, they are also competing with younger women to getting the attention of men. There would always be someone more beautiful and younger. As a result, insecurities start to develop.
Depression occurs because of the loneliness they feel. There are many things that Filipina women will naturally do to handle their situation. Some can chose to confine themselves at home, eat excessively and just marry their job and shy away from friends particularly if the ones they have are already taken.

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In your quest to find a girlfriend in Filipino online dating sites, how you sell yourself is vital. Websites for dating offer men a fast and easy way to meet women. Using personal ads over the internet to attract the Filipina women you want is way different than picking them up in reality. This makes thing simpler particularly if you are shy or embarrassed about approaching.

Maybe you have already put up your own personal ad online. However, you are not getting any response and still no one approaches you. Keep in mind that you need women to get attracted with you through your ad.

In the world of personal advertisements for dating online, your ad needs to be cleverly effective and informative at the same time. For you to have the best personal advertisement, project the right personality, make people want to interact with you by chatting with them daily and acting friendly. You must take every opportunity to show them and prove that you’re not pretending, that you’re exactly who you said you were.

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Risking one’s self is a part of being in online dating sites. Though there are many honest and sincere Filipina women online, there would certainly be someone who is going to be a fraud. Someone could victimize you whether you like it or not.

The moment after you have met someone seemingly wonderful and perfect for you, make it certain that she is real. To help you, here are dating online tips which can indicate whether your prospective mate is authentic.

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If you are considering any online dating tips, the first thing you should prioritize among others is the profile that you post on a Filipino dating website. This is your virtual personality and the only image that you can project over the internet. Therefore, it has to done with great thought and care.

Profile = You

It is imperative to put in information about yourself that will make you ‘stand out in a crowd.’ This doesn’t mean you exaggerate your qualities or make yourself out to be some sort of weirdo looking for a good time. However, it means finding your unique qualities that a potential date would like to hear about. For example, if you’re a great cook, talk about the recent dinner you prepared and hosted; or if you are a fabulous singer, highlight that on your profile.

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