If you want to be attractive to foreign men, you don’t need to have the face of an actress or the body of a model. The Filipina ladies are among the women who spend millions of dollars every year thinking they need to be someone else for finding a soulmate, but this is as far from the truth as you could possibly get.

Be the Mystery Woman in his Life

Men love mystery and intrigue, so give them what they want - don’t be predictable. Routine is often boring, and the last thing you want a man to think is that you’re the run-of-the-mill type character. Do things on the spur of the moment. Don’t plan everything you do – men love that.

Be Decisive

To be attractive to men, you must first know what it is that you’re looking for. A wishy-washy Filipina woman will typically find herself the worst kind of man possible, so don’t be that woman. Be decisive, even if it means finding a soulmate will take some time. If you’re out for dinner, don’t say “I’ll have what you’re having. ” You need to speak your mind and show him that you’re an individual person worth the respect he gives you.

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Being authentic has been highly valued in any stages of a relationship more so on the onset. However, being real doesn’t mean that you can dress up lousily during your online date. The impression you make online will spell out whether your friendship will deepen or not. Therefore, dress nicely and properly. If you are in doubt, semi-formal is safe enough.

Have Definite Pointers to Talk About

Aside from the visual impression, prepare for some topics that might strike her interests. If it’s your first time Skype-dating with a Filipina woman, practice so you would not sound edgy and too forward. There is no need to tell your whole life story. Stick to the pointers and you will never be sidetracked in your conversation. You can ask about her family and her hobbies to build immediate connection. It would be a good practice to be humble as you do not want to be branded as cocky.

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Break ups happen. It is possible that you just broke up with a Filipina woman that you have been with for a long time. It is hard for both parties no matter who initiated it. It is easy to pack your bags and just leave to start a new life but how are you going to do that if you are not over yet? At the first few days or so, you cannot help but remember your ex and that can hinder you from moving on. Here are some tips to get over a breakup with a Filipina lady:

  • Think about all the things that have been said and done. This does not mean that you will think obsessively about every detail that has transpired. Focus more on the facts and why you think things happened the way they did. It will give you an insight and will help you understand why you had to break up.

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Moving to the Philippines can be quite overwhelming. Everything is new from the faces around you to the places around you. You’re in a culture that is alien to what you have been brought up with; and moreover, you’re single! What are the odds of finding a Filipina girlfriend in the Philippines when you don’t even understand the culture?

Discover the Local Practices for Dating and Marriage

Many traditional Filipina women only date when they’re seriously involved. Some of the younger generations on the other hand are more open to dating. Find out what would work for you and what you would be comfortable with. Usually when you are dating, the man pays during the date. If your Filipina date tagged along a friend or a family member, you are also expected to pay for everyone! In the Philippines, you have to win everyone in her clout if you want to win her heart.

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“How can you find love?” is a pressing question that singles over 40, including Filipinas, are faced with! In fact, if you dig deep enough, you’ll see that most Filipina women fall into bad relationships because they are trying to find the ultimate good one at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it seems to be like a distant dream. Let’s explore some of the ways to avoid these bad relationships so you can save yourself for the ultimate one.

Look at the Pattern

Everything in life has a pattern – the good stuff and the bad. Nothing is random and certainly nothing is a matter of chance. The Universe shows you exactly h ow the law of attraction works all the time. But to make it favorable for you rather than against you, you must first identify the pattern of bad relationships in your life. Have you been attracting abusive men, irresponsible boy next door types or a non-emotionally available men or something else? Once you have done this, it is time for the next step…

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Dating can be fun and worthwhile and this entirely depends on how you are getting along with the Filipina woman. If you have no common interests, that can also be exciting if you are open to the possibility of dating someone who has interests that are quite different from yours. Having common interests is actually one of the keys to a fulfilling and lasting relationship; however, it requires time for you to be able to know if you have the same interests or not. One way to know is to date someone. Filipinas can tell you that they are interested in something you enjoy just to please you. They are easy going and some would not mind learning something new. Here are some tips that can help you.

Set a standard to gauge compatibility

Know what you want

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When you’re about to enter a cross-cultural relationship with a Filipino woman, you may have certain apprehensions about her. You’re not alone in this: most people who plan on dating someone from a different culture go through this experience. It helps to know what to do and what to expect when this happens. This piece will hopefully shed some light on Filipina dating.

Getting Prepared

Being prepared means increasing your knowledge about the Filipino cultural background; there are several ways in which you can achieve this objective:

Read Up

The first thing you can do is to find some literature on the internet or at your local library about the Filipino traditions and culture. Get books written by Filipinos or even locals who have first-hand experience about the country and its people. Another way is to google for more information. The more you know about that Filipina woman’s background, the easier it is for you to make conversation.

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You’re at quite a bit of risk when you’re in Philippine dating sites like in any other websites. Tips come from friends, family and even acquaintances in plenty, but you need to know how to deal with a situation before it happens, not if or when it happens. Here’s a quick list of who to avoid in Filipina dating. It’s not comprehensive but it covers a majority of situations. Finding a soulmate online may well turn out to be an exercise in avoidance until the right one comes along.
The Graphic Designer
This is the Photoshop genius who cleverly makes himself out to be a Brad Pitt when he’s actually an Alfred Hitchcock! His face on other bodies – that’s a caution sign right there. Him with Genghis Khan and his horde – stay a mile away. But you can ask for other photos like family shots and those that force him to reveal himself, in a manner of speaking.

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If you are one of the millions looking to find a foreigner husband or a Filipina wife, an extremely important part of the process is meeting the parents. By following these simple tips you will have more chances of getting the approval of the parents.

Meeting Filipino Parents

Meeting the parents of a Filipina woman can be like going to a truce. Therefore you would need a lot of preparation. While some Filipino parents will try to make you feel comfortable, it is better to prepare for the worse with some grilling involved. Fortunately there are some simple things to do that will help to make a great impression.
Do your research and be prepared. The last thing you want is for things to become awkward because you were unprepared. Talk to your Filipina girlfriend about her parents. Find out what subjects are interesting for them. If necessary, study these subjects so that you may have a pleasant conversation.

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After having a wonderful chat with an interesting Filipina woman online, she gave you her phone number. Now, your challenge is to make her agree to a date. However, there’s no other way to do it but through the telephone.

Yes you got her phone number but this doesn’t tell you anything yet. Nevertheless, it could be the end of your course of finding a soulmate. You therefore should give your first call importance.

  1. Before you do the call, make sure to prepare a set of topics the two of you can talk about. You may do some follow ups on things you have conversed about in your email exchanges. You may also snoop on her profile page to fish some information that pique curiosity. Prepare a set of questions that are open-ended. A Filipina woman would always be happy to talk about her family as the Filipinos have a close family knit. Allow her an opportunity to talk and never manipulate the conversation.

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