In your quest to find a girlfriend in Filipino online dating sites, how you sell yourself is vital. Websites for dating offer men a fast and easy way to meet women. Using personal ads over the internet to attract the Filipina women you want is way different than picking them up in reality. This makes thing simpler particularly if you are shy or embarrassed about approaching.

Maybe you have already put up your own personal ad online. However, you are not getting any response and still no one approaches you. Keep in mind that you need women to get attracted with you through your ad.

In the world of personal advertisements for dating online, your ad needs to be cleverly effective and informative at the same time. For you to have the best personal advertisement, project the right personality, make people want to interact with you by chatting with them daily and acting friendly. You must take every opportunity to show them and prove that you’re not pretending, that you’re exactly who you said you were.

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Risking one’s self is a part of being in online dating sites. Though there are many honest and sincere Filipina women online, there would certainly be someone who is going to be a fraud. Someone could victimize you whether you like it or not.

The moment after you have met someone seemingly wonderful and perfect for you, make it certain that she is real. To help you, here are dating online tips which can indicate whether your prospective mate is authentic.

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If you are considering any online dating tips, the first thing you should prioritize among others is the profile that you post on a Filipino dating website. This is your virtual personality and the only image that you can project over the internet. Therefore, it has to done with great thought and care.

Profile = You

It is imperative to put in information about yourself that will make you ‘stand out in a crowd.’ This doesn’t mean you exaggerate your qualities or make yourself out to be some sort of weirdo looking for a good time. However, it means finding your unique qualities that a potential date would like to hear about. For example, if you’re a great cook, talk about the recent dinner you prepared and hosted; or if you are a fabulous singer, highlight that on your profile.

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Pursuing Filipina women can be a challenge particularly if you do not know much about the culture and if they are extremely traditional. When you approach women, they have this unconscious habit of putting you into categories even if you have not done or said anything yet. These categories can indicate where your chances of getting her stand. This pre-judgmental tendency proves all the more how finding that special someone can be so grueling.

For you to fully understand these various categories and thus make your quest a little less exhausting, examine each category’s weaknesses and strengths.

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You’ve finally found a Filipina girlfriend through online dating. Now, you are wondering if she is really the one and should you actually fly to meet her in the Philippines. How do you know for sure that what you have is real love and not another fling?

To have doubts whether your Filipina date is the “one” is pretty normal especially when you’ve only met her through online and never had the chance to see her in person. To help you decide whether she is worth the emotional investment, the following are a few questions you may need to consider:

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Going out on dates is essential in order to get to know the woman you are interested in. You meet Filipino women, talk with them, discover your similarities and differences and then make a relationship out of it. There are many Filipinas online to meet and the expenses can add up so you would probably wonder if going Dutch is acceptable.

Going Dutch 101

Going Dutch indicates that both people pay individually during a date. This is best for those newly acquainted or independent people. This practice of splitting the bill is common in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Australia. If you are looking to date a Filipina, be alert as most of them aren’t comfortable with the idea that they will pay for their own bill. Whatever is particularly common among liberal or independent women doesn’t necessarily apply even though the Filipina was brought up in a Western country.

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Trying to please a Filipina woman on your first date can make you anxious. Well there is no perfect place but the people who are on a date are the ones who can make the meeting magical. That great place you have been to with your previous date might not be that awesome with another woman.

First meetings must be brief but at the same time fun, relaxing and not necessarily expensive. Here are top tips that can help you decide about it.

  1. Based on Interests. Consider the lifestyle and age of your date. If you know just a little about her, guess by the way she dresses and the kind of people she hangs out with. You can avoid the usual coffee date by going to a museum, picnic at a park or even hiking in a state park. In these places, it is easy to feel relaxed and comfortable. Most importantly, it does not pose any problem regarding the right get-up.

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Dating always calls for some efforts and some sacrifices for both men and women for it to flourish and blossom. This hold true particularly in Filipina dating. You meet a Filipina lady online. You’re attracted to them. They’re attracted to you. Or you may be interested in someone that initially isn’t as interested as you. But dating sometimes is complicated for some reason. Thus, when problems with dating occur you ask yourself if finding a soulmate is still doable in this situation.


How much communication do you want from somebody you are dating? Once, maybe twice a day is enough? Real communication encourages others to respond positively. We communicate best when our attitude, facial expressions and body language all cooperate in saying, “I am really interested in you.” Dating however is not a one-way conversation about ourselves but it is mutually shared experience that brings us closer to one another. Filipinas like to be showered with attention so do there is no such thing as overwhelming them with messages.

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Patience is a virtue and patience is what you really need if you want to win a Filipina heart. This is because Filipinas are hard to get owing to their conservative customs and traditions as well as their Christian values. There’s no shortcut in wooing a Filipina. You would definitely need tips on patience and surely do some hard work.

Women from the Philippines are shy type, a bit aloof, secretive, religious and conservative. They tend to be quiet especially when a guy approaches them yet they’re very appreciative of the kindness that’s shown to them.

Courtship may be a lost thing of the past and deemed old fashioned by many countries but for Filipinos it’s NOT. A guy must court the girl to show and express her affection. The courting stage may not be as easy as what you have imagined. In Philippine courtship, you’ll be challenged to a great extent and you need to arm yourself with patience plus knowledge regarding the Philippines courtship traditions. True love is actually what Filipinas are looking for and they love to be courted. It’s during the courting stage that the Filipina you love will try to test your patience and perseverance. Therefore, if you want to successfully capture the heart of a Filipina, here are some tried and tested tips for you.

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Things do happen and there will be times you will not win that Filipina woman you are eyeing on. It might feel you have faced the worst rejection of your life. After all the wooing for months or so, it can be traumatic. Westerners are not used with the Filipino style of long courtship only to find out that they have failed. How do you deal with the emotions now? Or how do you find love when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Understanding Rejection

Rejection is a natural phenomenon that helps singles that are not for each other recognize that fact. You won’t see this definition in any love dictionary but that’s what it essentially is. Being rejected is something faced by both men and women today and it could stem from many things, such as lack of chemistry, lack of any common subject of interest or even because of differing basic values. It is not uncommon in the Philippine culture that you were rejected because you were not favored by the Filipino woman’s family, you were perceived as a playboy, you were not consistent enough in following through your interest, or even questioned about your varying religious belief.

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