Dating always calls for some efforts and some sacrifices for both men and women for it to flourish and blossom. This hold true particularly in Filipina dating. You meet a Filipina lady online. You’re attracted to them. They’re attracted to you. Or you may be interested in someone that initially isn’t as interested as you. But dating sometimes is complicated for some reason. Thus, when problems with dating occur you ask yourself if finding a soulmate is still doable in this situation.


How much communication do you want from somebody you are dating? Once, maybe twice a day is enough? Real communication encourages others to respond positively. We communicate best when our attitude, facial expressions and body language all cooperate in saying, “I am really interested in you.” Dating however is not a one-way conversation about ourselves but it is mutually shared experience that brings us closer to one another. Filipinas like to be showered with attention so do there is no such thing as overwhelming them with messages.

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Patience is a virtue and patience is what you really need if you want to win a Filipina heart. This is because Filipinas are hard to get owing to their conservative customs and traditions as well as their Christian values. There’s no shortcut in wooing a Filipina. You would definitely need tips on patience and surely do some hard work.

Women from the Philippines are shy type, a bit aloof, secretive, religious and conservative. They tend to be quiet especially when a guy approaches them yet they’re very appreciative of the kindness that’s shown to them.

Courtship may be a lost thing of the past and deemed old fashioned by many countries but for Filipinos it’s NOT. A guy must court the girl to show and express her affection. The courting stage may not be as easy as what you have imagined. In Philippine courtship, you’ll be challenged to a great extent and you need to arm yourself with patience plus knowledge regarding the Philippines courtship traditions. True love is actually what Filipinas are looking for and they love to be courted. It’s during the courting stage that the Filipina you love will try to test your patience and perseverance. Therefore, if you want to successfully capture the heart of a Filipina, here are some tried and tested tips for you.

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Things do happen and there will be times you will not win that Filipina woman you are eyeing on. It might feel you have faced the worst rejection of your life. After all the wooing for months or so, it can be traumatic. Westerners are not used with the Filipino style of long courtship only to find out that they have failed. How do you deal with the emotions now? Or how do you find love when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Understanding Rejection

Rejection is a natural phenomenon that helps singles that are not for each other recognize that fact. You won’t see this definition in any love dictionary but that’s what it essentially is. Being rejected is something faced by both men and women today and it could stem from many things, such as lack of chemistry, lack of any common subject of interest or even because of differing basic values. It is not uncommon in the Philippine culture that you were rejected because you were not favored by the Filipino woman’s family, you were perceived as a playboy, you were not consistent enough in following through your interest, or even questioned about your varying religious belief.

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An exciting and fun way to spend time with a date, double dating is a good alternative to the conventional one-on-one date. This is common with Filipino women. Double dating applies to those meeting a Filipino woman for the first date and those who have not known each other that long.

Let One’s Guard Down

Trying to avoid the feeling of being nervous on the first date can be a dilemma for an old fashioned Filipina woman. Double dating is quite beneficial if she is not that comfortable going on a date with a new person.

It brings the chance for you and your date to know more of each other in a less stressful manner. Who doesn’t want to have her Filipina date relaxed? It can prevent those awkward silent moments along the course of your date.

Chaperone Requirement

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In today's convenience-obsessed world, more and more people are now buying into the prospect of a "no strings attached" type of relationship arrangement. "Friends with benefits" has reached the world over and is even practiced in Filipina dating scene.

According to many proponents of the concept, having friends with benefits allows one to enjoy the highs of being in a romantic relationship without having to deal with all the drama, the fuss and the hassle that comes with it. However, everything comes at a steep price, which may not be readily apparent in the beginning. Here are the top reasons why you should not fall for friends with benefits with a foreigner:

  1. Friends with benefits do not last. A relationship built on a shallow foundation is doomed to end because of shallow reasons. Once everything ends, guess what? Both parties are back to square one! Surely, this type of arrangement is counter-productive and frankly, is a waste of time particularly if a Filipino woman’s clock is ticking. After the initial thrill is gone, it leaves both partners feeling used and empty in the end. Not really healthy for one's self-esteem and sense of self-worth, is it?

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You probably have heard it already. Those initial few moments of interactions with a new person are very important. Filipina women can be critical. Experts tend to be specific about exactly how clever people are on the subject of judgments – in which such value determinations are proved to be precise. People simply trust such impressions, in accordance with justified reasons.

Thus, precisely how are you able to intrigue and make an impression at the time you interact with a new person? Here are what experts reveal:

  1. Develop an eye-to-eye contact to a person to demonstrate interest. Keep an eye-to-eye contact in a single beat or even two more than you are going to do with anybody else. According to author Nicolas Boothman in his book ‘How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less’, “Sexy people slow down. They move at a different pace, giving others the opportunity to respond to them. When you ‘linger longer’ with your eyes, you show interest.” To come up with a chance to connect with an appealing Filipina woman, take part with the “promise withdraw.” Eye contact is a key, look away and afterwards take a look back. You are going to get the Filipina’s attention way more desperate to meet and interact with you.

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There are many practices, customs and traditions that Filipinos have when it comes dating. If you are not aware of them, you might end up on the losing end. Dating a Filipina woman would be a breeze if you would stop doing these stupid things:

  1. Giving up easily. Persistence is key. Only those who show consistency in their pursuit would end up finding a Filipina girlfriend. Don't be discouraged if she does not seem interested on your first date. Filipinas are not keen on expressing how they feel right away. They want to get to know you first before they even jump into making any decision about you. The important thing is to enjoy the moment.
  2. Making the same mistake twice. It only takes a few bad dates to know which type of Filipinas you'd probably want to avoid. Not everyone is perfect. Take note of these and make sure your next date doesn't have the same warning signs. You're trying to understand the basics of Filipina dating, don't set yourself up for a hurt you can probably avoid.

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Prior to entering into any relationship with a Filipina woman, it is of paramount importance to get to know her first. Finding a Filipina girlfriend does not happen in a flash, it takes time and effort to establish a lasting connection. This is doubly important for a relationship with someone born in the Philippines where compatibility plays a significant factor in the relationship's lasting success.

This is where the importance of dating comes in. When going out on a date with a prospective future "true love", one gets the opportunity to understand a person's likes/dislikes, their hobbies & interests, their profession/career aspirations, their dreams/passions and their weaknesses. Obstacles to having a successful relationship can be identified early, and one can confidently make an informed decision before ultimately taking the plunge. This can potentially spare a person from much heartbreak and mental anguish down the line, had they jumped in with both feet without looking ahead first.

Here are five practical ways to plan and prepare for that perfect date. Armed with this knowledge, the first step to finding a Filipina girlfriend should be a snap.

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Finding a filipina girlfriend can sound like a challenge. However, there are many common dating practices that worked with majority of women that you can actually apply and be adorable. You might have overlooked them but you can always polish your dating strategy. Here are some of the not so secret Filipina dating tips that are guaranteed to increase your success rate.

  1. Be punctual. Nothing sets a good first impression like showing that you respect her time. It also reflects that you are an organized and a responsible person. These are two traits that women look for in a reliable man. Do not point out the tardiness of a Filipina lady. You can always set a good example for her so she can follow your lead. If she likes you, she will adjust.
  2. Be a good listener. Keep in mind that genuine communication involves taking turns. There would be times she would need your coaxing as Filipinas can be shy to open up at first. When she talks, you listen. And when you talk, she listens. Finding a girlfriend involves creating a comfortable connection where the needs and expectations of both parties can be shared and understood.

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Valentine’s Day, also called ‘the day of love’, is typically an important day for a lot of people out there including the romantic Filipinas. Watching people dressed in red, carrying roses, holding hands, sharing chocolates and what not. Love is in the air. Covered by such positive vibes, maybe you were one of those who did not get to celebrate. You were rejected or have not met someone while exploring Filipina dating. Nevertheless, life goes on. Here are a few worthwhile things you can do to distract your attention:

Do some volunteer work

There are a million productive things you can do that will not only make a difference but will also give you a sense of satisfaction. Volunteering at any NGO or working with any social workers is a good use of your energy. At the end of the day you will be feeling much better about yourself and meet positive people.

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