Why Is Filipina Dating Not Helping to Find Love

By Lorii Abela

This is the age of speed-dating regime and meeting singles online but love has become elusive. If you’re one of the millions of singles looking for true love and not finding it in the Filipina dating scene, maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper into the root cause of your unfruitful efforts. Most of the time, the question “how can you find true love” can only be answered by asking another question: “what am I doing wrong?” Here are just some of the hurdles you may be unwittingly setting for yourself.

How You Think Can Affect Your Results

Oftentimes, it’s your own thinking that becomes your enemy and prevents you from finding love. Take a glance:

  • You’re not sure of what you want. If you’re not clear about your expectations, then don’t expect to get what you want. Like attracts like, and the only way to get what you like is to first find out what it is. Once you know this, you’ll know every time you meet a potential mate who doesn’t fit the bill.
  • Your self-esteem needs work. A lot of singles feel that they’re not attractive enough or good enough or worthy enough of deserving to find love. This is a mere relative deduction from unfounded assumptions; you’re the most beautiful person in the world – all you need to do is let it shine through.

How You Act Can Affect Your Results

It’s not just your thinking, but sometimes the very things you do can be blocking your success. Let’s see how:

  • The timing’s wrong. Many who have career commitments, kids or parents to take care of may actually be pushing the right man away. You’re looking but you may be keeping the good ones at arm’s length.
  • Obsession. This one’s particularly dangerous. Throw away the schedule when it comes to finding love. You won’t find love on a time table so don’t try so hard to make it happen; just let it.
  • Wrong company. The very act of hanging out with self-declared singles could be delaying your tryst with the one. Move around and find new friend circles. After all you never know where and how you will love.
Let things take their own course. If there’s someone for you, you’ll find each other. And when it does happen, throw your old emotional baggage out the nearest window and jump in with both feet. As the saying goes, “fortune favors the brave!”