What You Need to Know About Philippine Courtship Traditions

By Lorii Abela

Patience is a virtue and patience is what you really need if you want to win a Filipina heart. This is because Filipinas are hard to get owing to their conservative customs and traditions as well as their Christian values. There’s no shortcut in wooing a Filipina. You would definitely need tips on patience and surely do some hard work.

Women from the Philippines are shy type, a bit aloof, secretive, religious and conservative. They tend to be quiet especially when a guy approaches them yet they’re very appreciative of the kindness that’s shown to them.

Courtship may be a lost thing of the past and deemed old fashioned by many countries but for Filipinos it’s NOT. A guy must court the girl to show and express her affection. The courting stage may not be as easy as what you have imagined. In Philippine courtship, you’ll be challenged to a great extent and you need to arm yourself with patience plus knowledge regarding the Philippines courtship traditions. True love is actually what Filipinas are looking for and they love to be courted. It’s during the courting stage that the Filipina you love will try to test your patience and perseverance. Therefore, if you want to successfully capture the heart of a Filipina, here are some tried and tested tips for you.

Start with friendship

Filipinas value friendship and relationships. They like relationships that begin with friendship because they believe that friendship is a strong foundation of any kind of relationship. Hence, establishing friendship by getting to know each other and befriending her family, relatives and friends is one of the best ways to make her fall for you.

Court her and her family

Family is truly important for a Filipina and like an obedient child she was her parent’s approval mean so much to her. In the Philippines, it’s a traditional practice that the suitor visits the girl in her home and introduces himself to the family. Any Filipina would love to receive flowers, chocolates and even handwritten love letters. If the suitor wants to take her out for a date he should ask the permission of the parents. There are loads of things you can do to court her and her family. You can take her as well as her family out for lunch or you can bring snacks for the entire family when you visit her in her home. Acknowledging the importance of her family and getting along with them will surely go a long way.

Serenade her with the songs she love

You need to get your creative juices flowing when wooing a Filipina. Filipinas love music and serenading her with her favorite songs will melt her heart. They like it when their suitor sings for them while playing a guitar. If you don’t know how to play a guitar nor aren’t into singing you can hire a band to sing her favorite songs for her.

Watch romantic movies with her

Most Filipinas love a fairytale-like love story and watching romantic movies are one of their pastimes. Spending your day with her watching a romantic or romantic comedy even if you find it cheesy would for sure make her happy.

Sweet talks

Sweet talking is an art and indeed one of the best tactics to use to win a Filipina heart. Compliments make a Filipina girl feel special but you got do this with respect, honesty and in a relaxed manner. Think of the nice things that you like about her and notice in her and say it to her sincerely.

Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman can certainly impress any Filipina woman - it’s what they’re always looking for in a guy because gentlemen are courteous and sensitive to the needs of every women. Good manners count for Filipinas.

Treat her with love and respect

A Filipina treats her man like a king and so she also wants to be showered with love and treated with respect. Hugs, kisses, constant communication and simple gestures like saying “I love you!”, “I miss you!” and “Thank you for the wonderful time.” will make her feel comfortable and special and even sweep her off her feet. It’s important that you are sensitive to her emotional needs and respect the values that she lives by.

In wooing a Filipina, things can be very traditional and challenging but if you succeed all of your efforts will be worth it. Simply be true to yourself, have patience, prove your sincerity, give her the respect she deserves and shower her with your love every single day and you’ll eventually find your way to her heart.