Ways to Know if a Filipino Girlfriend is Cheating on You

By Lorii Abela

Dating a Filipino girlfriend comes with its own highs and lows. Despite the fact that they are beautiful, loving and romantic, keeping a relationship with them can be iffy. Not that this is a usual scenario, but like any relationships, things can happen.
The emergence of social media, dating sites and instant messaging over the years has not helped as they provided easy access to connect to strangers across the world. Since communication is a snap, meeting foreign men even for those Filipino ladies who are already in relationships can be a cause of temptations. So if you are in doubt about the level of faithfulness of your Filipino girlfriend, here are some ways to find out if she is cheating on you:

If you recognize that it takes her some time to communicate with you, particularly while you are chatting online, look into the possibility that you are not the only one she is dating. This is quite evident if she is making all sorts of excuses to meet you in person. Much more, if she does not want you to meet her family which is the indication that she is serious with you…it could be a red flag.
Huge Age Gap
Despite the fact that some Filipina ladies are into older men, there is no guarantee that she is not also seeing someone younger. They can find younger men’s youthful exuberance very charming and attractive, too. If she is hesitant to post your photo together with her in social media, she can be in denial with your relationship or she can be hiding another relationship from you. If you are dating a Filipina lady who is 15 years and more younger, you have to be a little more alert.
When you are in a relationship, it is expected that you are open with your partner. When she pretends to be meeting a girlfriend or hangs out with some random man without notifying you, chances are that your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on you. Her defensive alibis will give you some light.
Physical Difference
Every man knows how his girlfriend looks mainly because of the amount of time they have spent together. Filipina women are known to be quite modest. However, if you notice a sudden change in her demeanour, she might be trying to impress someone else. This can be noticed if there is this new glow about her, or she spends much time doing her makeup, or she is too conscious about what she is wearing.
Less Intimacy
If she starts to have less intimate times or more than normal, take notice. You never know someone is already providing the pleasure she needs.
The tell-tale signs are always there for all to see if you can pay a little more attention. Hit the comment section to tell some other signs your Filipina girlfriend exhibited if she ever cheated on you.