Top Reasons Why Young Filipino Women Fall for Older Foreign Men

By Lorii Abela

If you are into Filipino dating, you will find it surprising that some younger Filipinas prefer older foreign men. It may seem odd due to the huge age gap, but there are valid reasons as to why Filipino women prefer them. Apparently, it is not just because older men are "loaded" so to speak with money. Here are some that might apply to you or you can capitalize on:

  1. Novelty. Philippine history has contributed to the high regard for Westerners. The Philippines has been colonized by Spaniards and Americans for many years. A considerable amount of international relationships started henceforth. Filipino women are willing to try something new.
  2. Consistency. Dating websites that caters to Filipino women and foreign men are appealing to matured men who are looking to expand their pool of potential mate. These men are usually divorced or have not found someone though they are already in their middle age. The Filipino women on the other hand are welcoming to those who are serious and consistent in their pursuit. Older men are more patient, would unceasingly woo and are relatively old school when it comes to courtship. These traditional practices and characteristics are still preferred by many women.
  3. English as a Second Language. Because the Filipino people are educated in English, meeting English speaking men is not a barrier. However, those Filipina women who have learned another language in the country they moved to are mostly likely willing to try dating the local men.
  4. Christianity. There is a vast amount Christians worldwide. This is a comfortable for the Filipinos as majority of them are Christians and would prefer people of the same faith or something similar.
  5. Maturity level. If a Filipino woman has been hurt before by someone immature, she would consider older foreign men who have a wider perspective and emotional maturity. Older men have varied experiences in life, career and relationships.
  6. Financial stability. Of course, foreign men can provide better for a family as the value of a foreign currency particularly in the West is higher. It pays not only to be able to have some luxuries but also to have a brighter future for the children. Family is important in any Filipino’s life.
  7. Escape from the Philippines. If things turn out to be serious, having a relationship with a foreign man signifies a way out of the Philippines. Foreign countries are viewed as hopes for a better life.
  8. Alternative to Local Men. Loneliness can cause a Filipina to meet older foreign men. There are more women than men in the Philippines. If there are numerous competitions, one might end up being an old maid. This is somewhat taboo in the culture. Most women want to get married in their late 20s and are thinking of having children.
  9. Mixed race means good looking kids. Just like how foreign men prefer chocolate brown Filipino women, there are a number of women in the Philippines who prefer the foreign look as well.

These are the common reasons why Filipino women prefer to date older men. If you had a relationship with a younger Filipino woman or you are on the other side (you have dated an older man), please share your story below.