Top Tips to Choose a Place for Filipina Dating

By Lorii Abela

Trying to please a Filipina woman on your first date can make you anxious. Well there is no perfect place but the people who are on a date are the ones who can make the meeting magical. That great place you have been to with your previous date might not be that awesome with another woman.

First meetings must be brief but at the same time fun, relaxing and not necessarily expensive. Here are top tips that can help you decide about it.

  1. Based on Interests. Consider the lifestyle and age of your date. If you know just a little about her, guess by the way she dresses and the kind of people she hangs out with. You can avoid the usual coffee date by going to a museum, picnic at a park or even hiking in a state park. In these places, it is easy to feel relaxed and comfortable. Most importantly, it does not pose any problem regarding the right get-up.
  2. Conducive to Conversation. If you plan to go for a movie or watch a concert or sports event, stop. Don't do that. Your purpose on a first date is to have the chance to learn more about each other so you would need a venue wherein you can talk.
  3. Memorable. It will make a huge difference if you’ll be able to find one thing she’ll remember for the rest of her life. If there are places like carnivals, circuses or theme park around the area, make it a point to visit them with her. The experience is definitely more enjoyable than just hanging out in a restaurant.
  4. Safe. If your date is scheduled during evenings, only walk along places where your date feels safe. Keep in mind the fact that she doesn’t know you well enough so it’s normal for her to feel unsafe particularly if the two of you hang out in a not-so-public place alone.
  5. Chaperone Friendly. For traditional Filipina women, there is a likelihood that they would bring a friend or a relative along. Now, you would need to figure out not only the interest of your Filipina date but also, her chaperone. You can never go wrong by asking your date where she would like to go. Or if not, give her a couple of suggestions and let her pick one.
  6. Exit Plan Proof. Not all first dates are made in heaven. Prepare an inconspicuous exit plan as it always proves to be useful especially during first meetings.

Well these actually boil down to one thing – in trying to make your Filipina date happy, your creativity and originality are essential for you to definitely stand out among all the guys she has gone to dates with before, making her want to have a second date. Good luck with your quest and never forget to enjoy!