Tips for Foreigners to Successfully Find True Love Dating Filipina Women

By Lorii Abela

Foreigners marry Filipina beauties because they are loyal and loving - all charming traits to bringing up a family. It is a known fact that foreigners do come in the Philippines to find partners they could keep for life. But for some, it would take some “getting to know” first before they are convinced to actually visit the country. Here are some tips to help foreigners find their match in the Philippines.

Try Philippines dating online

Determined foreigners will find it easy to look for the right Filipina through online dating. Some come for the experience of interacting with women and check if it could be plausible to build a long-term relationship despite the distance. While some foreigners do come after some time of interaction, it could be tricky to get to connecting with genuine women who truly want to be in a relationship and not just for financial alleviation. Foreigners will eventually realize later on that with much persistence, the journey will be worth it in the end.

Traditions and culture

Getting involved with Filipina dating would mean getting involved with her culture. Filipina women carry a strong family ties with deep respect for the elderly. While the western culture may see differently when it comes to this, Filipinas make it a point to serve their parents as part of their upbringing. When in the conversation, this topic may come up so it’s best to know the cultural background of Filipinas to avoid any misunderstandings along the way. A little research does go a long way!

Balance between steel and velvet

Filipina beauties have no problems getting along with dominant males. But they are not keen to getting into a relationship with a bossy one either. It is her joy to serve her partner or her family and this doesn’t belittle her value as the female in the relationship either. However, too much dominance (or lack thereof) can dissuade her from continuing the relationship. She is looking for a firm partner who will make decisions that she can feel secure of.

Look good on your profiles

This is not to exclude that personality and character are outdated. However, appearance is necessary to attract any female (even with online Philippines dating!). To get the best ones, foreigners should appear neat and carry an aura that they are relatable and presentable. Since most of online dating is visual, adding that little ‘extra’ on the photos can give foreigners the mileage to getting involved with the right Filipina women.
A new country may give foreigners the excitement in experiencing something new. Filipina dating will open up new discoveries that may have an impact in a foreigner’s perspective that could be rewarding personally or professionally. Just like any women, Filipinas do have their quirks but the best thing about it is it gives both a shot at finding true love in the most unlikely places! Need a little help with dating life? Get top access to articles where they teach you:
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