Stupid Things that Can Cause Your Relationship with a Foreigner to Fail

By Lorii Abela

Google’s got the numbers. Most relationships are bound to fail. Reasons could range from long distance relationships to failing to feed the cat. Getting involved with a foreigner would mean opening up to possibilities of miscommunication because of a huge cultural gap. Here are some of the reasons why Filipina women can’t seem to get Mr. Right to stay long.

Time limits

So Mr. Right happens to live across the globe from the Philippines. The issue here is not the distance. It’s time. What could be 6 a.m in one country could be 11 p.m in a different country. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to be able to adjust for some long distance couples. The problem, however, comes when it becomes a task instead of a joy. It starts with a little ‘comment’ here and there until it becomes a full blown complaint. This eventually turns any foreigner off and will jump off the boat the soonest he gets the chance.

Winning is imperative

Every relationship has its own battles to fight. But it’s a matter of fighting the right battles. It’s clear that miscommunication can be the bridge to bickering and arguments over the phone or online. For those looking to date Filipina women, it can be more aggravated when the message was misinterpreted. With no room for compromise, pent up frustration can lead for one to just leave and move on.

Holding on to grudges

While women are known for this trait, men are no different. It’s getting the upper hand of the situation and winning it. Filipinas can get snippy when things don’t go their way (especially with the more independent ones!). While the spat can be a really petty one, this can break strong relationships if one is constantly making the other feel guilty. This negativity pushes him out and wouldn’t want anything to do with the relationship once all hell breaks loose.

All that lip service

When the relationship is young, it’s easy to think that the search is over for Mr. Right. And with love, it’s a give and take. Men are expected to be respected. Women are expected to be loved. But more to that, it’s about being able to empathize and try (at the very least) to understand the other person’s feelings. The problem is that selfishness or hidden intentions eventually creeps up causing the other to walk away disillusioned.
Online Filipina dating will have its own set of pros and cons. However, if there’s the intention to work things out, commitment will eventually reap its benefits and both will finally find one true love!

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