Stop Recurring Bad Online Date on Filipino Dating Sites

By Lorii Abela

Finding that special one for you in Filipino dating sites is similar to gambling. Sometimes you might get lucky and hit the jackpot, but other times you could end up with nothing. When you encounter a few duds on the dating scene, don't fret. Oftentimes, people get disheartened by these bad experiences and end up dismissing the whole online dating scene. Finding a soulmate online is possible and countless people who found success online will happily attest to that. All it takes is the will to bounce back after a bad date. Follow these dating online tips to help you cope with the lemons you might encounter on your quest:

  1. Develop the right attitude.
  2. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration from the get-go by having realistic expectations. It is essential to prepare by not getting one's hopes up too high. After all, doesn't it feel absolutely terrible when you get excited for days on end about meeting a new prospect, only to fall flat when they don't turn out to be everything you thought they would be? Stop being rigid and give some room for some other positive qualities your date may present that you can overlook easily. Enjoy the moment and to be conscious of hidden opportunities.
  3. Recognize that online dating takes time.
  4. Patience is definitely the key here. One simply does not go to a dating site, type a few words here and there, and expect the perfect match to just suddenly fall into one's lap. The process is not as simple as ordering a pizza, one has to do the necessary legwork to find that one person who is meant to be. A significant part of this may involve going on plenty of good and bad dates. You have to try before you buy.
  5. Learn to say “no.”
  6. If there is something that looks unfit, move along. Do not live in the notion that this new gorgeous person would change for you. Wake up and know your worth.

Adjusting one's mindset is just one piece of the pie. You would also need to follow through your new belief. You are a unique and a special person worthy of being loved. Somewhere out there, your special someone is looking for you as well!