Should You Move to the Philippines or Not

By Lorii Abela

Dating Filipina women from the Philippines involves some travels. If a man wants to take the relationship to the next level, making the big move to the Pearl of the Orient may come up. But before leaning to that route, one needs to do some serious deliberation. For sure, the cost of living may seem inexpensive as compared to living in a Western country. However, it's best to know the pros and cons prior to making a decision. Here are some factors you need to know:

Living Conditions

There is a clear division between rich and poor. The prime areas in Makati business district is home for the affluent; whereas the outskirts will be for the middle to lower class. Majority are in the poverty level. Homeless people are visible, living under bridges or on the streets.

How Filipinos Perceive Foreigners

Foreigners are treated highly in the Philippines. While this may be favorable, it can also be seen in a different light. You can be labeled as a walking ATM machine. Filipinos generally think that you are "loaded" with money because of the high dollar to peso exchange rate. While it's good to be generous, you must learn how to say "no" when you feel it is appropriate. There is a distinction from being taken advantage of as compared to charitable giving.

Age Gap in Relationships

You may notice relatively huge age gaps when it comes to love and marriage - older men and younger women. Such relationships tend to be stable and last longer as compared to those couples of same age range. Some Filipina women opt for older men who are matured and financially secured. If you are an older man, then, this will sound promising for you.

Should a Foreigner Live in the Philippines

If you have an adventurous personality, it is definitely a "yes". Nevertheless, you better have a significant savings and a source of income to work with like your own business. Your chance of finding employment in the Philippines is quite slim to none. Filipina dating has some challenges but nothing is impossible if you keep an open mind. Recognize the positive side while taking precautionary measures for the least expected.

If you have a first-hand experience on Filipina dating and moving to the Philippines, please share how you managed.