Rules on How to Make a Filipino Woman Fall in Love with You

By Lorii Abela

Everybody wants to fall in love. It is a human feeling that cuts through ethnicities, sects and generations. Most recently, foreigners have been touring in Asia with the Philippines as one of their destinations. During their visits, they come in contact with an attractive Filipino woman that they met online. Nevertheless, some of these visitors are challenged such that they cannot get these Filipino ladies to like them or fall in love with them. Western men are not really used to this as they are used to meeting women who are more open minded and have freer moral compass.
Making a Filipino lady fall in love is not as difficult as people think it is. But first, you might have to follow some simple rules to win her over. Consider the following:


Many Filipino people are strictly religious. They are predominantly Christians and majority of these Christians attend the Roman Catholic Church. If you want a Filipina lady to fall in love with you, you should respect her religion, or be interested in it. Best situation is, if you can convert as a Christian if you are serious in the relationship.


Filipina women are raised trying to imbibe in them some old traditions and values. On top of these is showing honor and respect. You must be willing to cut your pride and ego. Cockiness has no appeal at all.


Studies have shown that most Filipina ladies are quite shy especially to foreigners. They sometimes feel uncomfortable relating to foreign men. One of reasons is because of the language barrier. Most of them speak English, howbeit not too fluent. It is therefore your responsibility to be friendly and welcoming when you are around them. This can go a long way to make them settle in and get comfortable with you. In no time, they will begin to open up to you.


Filipino women like men who are straight up with them. You should let your intentions be known to her in the clearest terms possible, so she will know what she is getting into. If you like her, tell her. If you love her, let her know. No room for inconsistency. With this, they will feel you know what you are doing.