5 Reasons Why Filipino Men Prefer Dating Filipino Women

By Lorii Abela

It is no secret that what foreigners see in Filipino women have already been spotted and tested by their local counterparts. Preferring to stick with the “devil they know” Filipino men would rather go after Filipina women instead of foreign women whom they understand a little bit or not at all. This is a common scenario even if a Filipino man is already living in a foreign country.
Here are the real reasons why a Filipino man would prefer dating a Filipina lady any time and any day:

Ready for Courtship

A Filipina woman understands the value of courtship and would not just jump on any man they see even if they propose marriage. They are ready to take their time to be up close and personal to whom they are about to spend the rest of their lives with. Filipino men value this trait. It also satisfies their inherent romantic nature and interest in pursuit and conquest.

Controlled Temperaments

Filipinas don’t instantly flare up at the slightest provocations. It however does not mean that they do not get angry. But when they do, they keep their temperaments in check as much as possible. They are patient and tolerant. These have been ingrained in them because they have close family knit (a family comprised of different personalities) and live in a tiny country which is over populated. They are also all about community and camaraderie.

Family Integration

It is much easier for a Filipino man to date a Filipino woman since there are chances that both of them already share the same beliefs and ethics. And, one of these ethics is upholding the family values. Usually, family comes first before anything else.

Good Wives and Mothers

For the men intending to take their relationships to a whole new level, Filipino women stand for the wife and motherhood role with responsibility. They know how to take care of their husbands, provide companionship and encouragement whilst training their children in a proper manner. Imbibing in them the right values and ethics of their cultures and traditions, these children grow up to be respectful, resourceful and hardworking.
After all these key points, you would no longer wonder why a Filipino man will rather stick to a Filipino girlfriend. Share your thoughts in the comment section below if this resonates with you.