Juicy Secrets to Dating a Younger Filipina

By Lorii Abela

Many foreign men have been curious about dating younger Filipina women. Contrary to speculations that it can be difficult, Filipina dating is straight forward once you get passed the adjustments related to culture and traditions. It is a matter of knowing what are your true intentions.
To help you understand what is in store for you in having a cross-cultural relationship with a younger Filipina you wish to pursue, here are some truths you ought to recognize:

  1. Dating stigma about young Filipinas.
  2. On the onset, be wary that there is some dating stigma with foreigners pursuing Filipinas. Young Filipina ladies are perceived to be just all about the money if they date foreigners. The truth of the matter is that majority of the people in the Philippines are actually in the poverty level. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean financial gain is the only reason they choose to date foreign men.
    Filipinas are practical and they know that dating someone who is financially stable, whether they are a Filipino or a foreigner, is the smart thing to do. It doesn’t mean that they marry you for your wealth. However, it is one among the driving factors why they will choose to be with you. Much like having good looks and a great personality, knowing that the person they are dating will be able to provide for them if they become married is a big advantage particularly if they would have a family.
  3. Dating a younger Filipina means being ready to compromise.
  4. A young Filipina may have different values from you. They are quite conservative, especially when it comes to intimacy. Marriage is maintained as a sacred vow and this is something you should be aware of and respecting coming in to the relationship. While some Filipina ladies have become liberal with their choices, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are still quite handfuls that may not be willing to break their beliefs. Understanding is imperative in a sticky situation such as this.
  5. Be ready for a sweet and yet a possessive lover.
  6. Young Filipina women are awesome partners because they are sweet, caring and loving. And yet, they have the same expectations from their partner. They love the feeling of being loved. Be ready to be a one man woman even as early as in the getting to know stage. Loyalty is a biggie.

Dating a younger Filipina absolutely has its perks. Consider yourself a lucky man when you find one who is worth keeping. If you’re intrigued, just give it a shot! Sign up in at FilipinaSweetie.com and let us know how was your experience like.