How to Have a Skype Date with a Filipina Woman

By Lorii Abela

Being authentic has been highly valued in any stages of a relationship more so on the onset. However, being real doesn’t mean that you can dress up lousily during your online date. The impression you make online will spell out whether your friendship will deepen or not. Therefore, dress nicely and properly. If you are in doubt, semi-formal is safe enough.

Have Definite Pointers to Talk About

Aside from the visual impression, prepare for some topics that might strike her interests. If it’s your first time Skype-dating with a Filipina woman, practice so you would not sound edgy and too forward. There is no need to tell your whole life story. Stick to the pointers and you will never be sidetracked in your conversation. You can ask about her family and her hobbies to build immediate connection. It would be a good practice to be humble as you do not want to be branded as cocky.

Always Sport a Charming Smile

There is nothing in this world which can win her heart than a lovely and sincere smile. Be generous with smiles and surely you will be reciprocated. You may not be a very good conversationalist but your smile can relay so much warmth to her making her more open to you.

Stick to Lighter Conversation

Stay away from topics which may cause arguments. If it is your first time dating the person online, try to make her laugh as Filipina women are light-hearted. Refrain from dwelling on heavy topics such as religion, politics and exes.

Be Prompt

Being on time connotes that you value her time. This is of absolute importance particularly if your Filipina date is living in the Philippines while you are from the West. There is a big time difference. You do not want to set your date too early or too late such that she is or you are feeling sleepy.
If you follow this list, you would surely be a rock star; and sound and look confident.