How to Be Attractive to Foreigners

By Lorii Abela

Pick up any foreign magazine and you’ll most probably find ways on how to be attractive to men. Sure, you’ll find all the usual tips such as wearing makeup to hide facial blemishes, wearing the type of clothing that would accentuate and flatter your body type, and wearing the right accessories to coordinate your overall outfit. However, let us be practical, being attractive does not refer to physical looks alone. Here are some ways on how you can be attractive to foreign men that might surprise you.

  1. Show how much you like to eat
  2. Although Filipina women can eat like a bird compared to other women of foreign background (foreign servings can be overwhelming), men just love women who like to eat. Ladies who say they aren’t hungry and then pick at their date’s food all night can be offensive. Though Filipinos like sharing food, not all foreigners would understand that.
    It’s actually very attractive to men to see a woman who’s not afraid of showing just how much they enjoy their food. Aside from showing that you’re not high maintenance or neurotic about your weight, that kind of unabashed enthusiasm also tends to translate into other areas — including the bedroom. “A woman with a healthy appetite for food tends to have a healthy appetite on all levels, and being affectionate is absolutely a part of that,” explains Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., author of Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship.

  3. Occasionally, talking like a sailor can be a good thing.
  4. Sure, some men might love that woman who is prim and proper, but occasionally letting a curse or rant escape your lips at an unexpected moment can be viewed as attractive for a lot of men. “Hearing a woman use profanity out of context gives a guy a shock of adrenaline,” explains Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of Be Honest — You’re Not That Into Him Either and DSI: Date Scene Investigation. “Men like women who can be tough and assertive, and as long as she doesn’t take the talk too far, it’s a positive thing.” Remember though, we are not talking here about using profanity habitually.

  5. Being a little bit messy can be endearing.
  6. Sometimes, there are just those days when you’re too tired to clean up all the mess around your place. You might throw a used top here, or leave your beauty products in disarray on your counter. However, don’t be too worried. One of the most surprising tips on dating men is that they actually find a woman who’s not too obsessed with cleanliness attractive. “Guys love a woman who’s not trying too hard,” explains Dr. Kerner. “Most men think a pair of boxer shorts and a ratty old T-shirt around the house is your most attractive look.” So, don’t worry too much if your place is a little bit messy - just think of it as cozy and lived in. No one wants to hang around in a place where they feel like they’ll spoil the place just by sneezing at the wrong direction.

  7. Have an Adventure in an Unfamiliar Place
  8. If you’re wondering where you can find a foreign man, then you might want to try traveling to a place that you’ve never gone to before. Take a scuba diving class in the Pacific, go to a safari tour, trek to the Himalayas or maybe take a stroll in a local museum and do what the tourists do. Not only will you experience new things, you might even make a new friend or two! Men love being with a woman who is able to go out of their comfort zone and to try things.

Being attractive to men is not as hard as you think; just be yourself, have a little fun and let your inhibition go. See where your sense of fun and adventure takes you.