How Dealing with Long Distance Relationships Can Be Stressful for Foreigners

By Lorii Abela

Filipina women often find long distance relationships with foreigners to be challenging. When you have a special someone across the globe, chances are insecurities and miscommunication can become common scenarios for both partners. So how does one deal with the nuances of long distance relationships and make it build to last?

Not physically seeing each other

The time difference, the distance and lack of physical contact can become stressful factors for online dating. But despite all that, video and online voice chats are helping bridging the gap between worlds. Philippine women and foreigners can still feel closer despite the distance. With a little bit of creativity, watching the latest episodes from Game of Thrones can be a fulfilling activity just to keep the connection going.

Difference in languages

Though this may not be applicable for English-speaking nationals, it can be difficult for Philippine women dating online who has minimum English speaking capacity. Studying a new language has its perks and rewards, but even both parties will need a break from constantly speaking a different language. In the long run, this may lead to resentment if the other felt that it he or she bears the burden of constantly bridging the ‘language gap’. One way to counter this is to meet halfway and learn each other’s native languages. This act conveys sincere effort to learn each other’s culture, language and at the very least understand each other’s logic in dating and life.

Different expectations

While going for a Philippine dating site can become a baseline for setting expectations using online matching, it is also important to establish this relationship through constant communication. Aside from cultural differences, it can be difficult to know what the other is doing on the other side of the globe. With it, cultural differences can overwhelm intent thus leading to various frustrations and misconceptions about each other. The only way for a genuine relationship between foreigners and Filipina women is to develop honest and open conversations about the relationship and expectations.

Excessive worrying

Filipinas and foreigners that developed strong bonds over the years may decide to finally meet in real life. But in the case where the Filipina goes abroad, it can cause some anxiety on her end. This in turn can stress the foreigner and could be the reason to cut off the relationship. But through reassurance and constant communication, this can help soothe fears away of immersing in a different culture. Support and understanding makes it bearable for any person getting into a different environment.
It is possible to find true love through online Philippine dating site. Foreigners and Filipina women alike may find this set-up a bit frustrating at first. But with honest communication, a little bit of understanding and patience, love can definitely bloom through the most difficult circumstances!

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