Going Dutch or Not: What Do Filipina Women Say

By Lorii Abela

Going out on dates is essential in order to get to know the woman you are interested in. You meet Filipino women, talk with them, discover your similarities and differences and then make a relationship out of it. There are many Filipinas online to meet and the expenses can add up so you would probably wonder if going Dutch is acceptable.

Going Dutch 101

Going Dutch indicates that both people pay individually during a date. This is best for those newly acquainted or independent people. This practice of splitting the bill is common in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Australia. If you are looking to date a Filipina, be alert as most of them aren’t comfortable with the idea that they will pay for their own bill. Whatever is particularly common among liberal or independent women doesn’t necessarily apply even though the Filipina was brought up in a Western country.

Traditional values remain and have been passed on from generation to generation. Filipina women usually expect chivalry and generosity from men particularly on a first date. You can be easily branded as “cheap”, not only by her, but by her friends and family. These are the exact people who tend to help her making a decision whether to have a relationship with you or not. You do not want to be in the losing end.

The Budget Doesn’t Fit

With the changing economy, the impact on people’s capacity to spend has been affected. You will recognize that when both people run low in cash they can choose to split the expenses for the chosen activities during the date such as dinner.

If you think your Filipina date would pay for her own bill to avoid feeling a debt of gratitude towards you if you would be paying for her meal, you may be mistaken. More often than not, such women who would insist on paying for themselves could be the ones who would are not interested with you in the first place. It can be a warning sign.

If you ended up having a relationship with Filipina from a poor family, chances are, you would be paying for everything all the time. In some instances, you would also be expected to support the family of the woman, too. However, this is all up to your discretion whether you would want to pursue her or not.

Lots of women (including Filipina women), nowadays understand how dating can get very costly. Furthermore, they think it is unfair that guys alone shoulder all the expenses particularly when the date is set in a pricey restaurant or involves a costly activity after.

You can easily spot if you are being taken advantage of or if she is indeed in the poverty level. Those Filipinas who are considerate and who make a decent living would likely share the bill when you are already going out as a couple.

The bottom line here is to choose your Filipina woman wisely. Understand your financial status, how much are you willing to give and know if you have the same values as far as money is concerned.