Filipina Dating: What is Important in Attraction?

By Lorii Abela

Relationship experts say that when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, foreign men and Filipina women are different categories through which they rate possible partners, and that the driving force is different between the two sexes. When it comes to relationships, men are more attracted to a woman’s physical qualities, while Filipina women are more attracted to a man’s behavioral qualities.


Ladies, don’t be too offended because men put so much stock into the physical, when yes, more “evolved” guys should be putting more importance into the content of the package, and not the wrapping that it comes in.
The problem is, believe it or not, biological. The brain is the most outdated organ in the human body and the brain is most stimulated when it comes to the sense of sight. As a result, men react most to what society says is attractive and desirable, and since most cultures will say that a sexy woman with a slender body, flawless complexion, and fine features is beautiful and desirable in a partner, that’s what they will react to.
It’s not to say that you should slather on the makeup and force yourself into high heels and a pushup bra to attract a partner, but here’s a tip when it comes to dating men: make a little effort to highlight your good physical attributes. If you have shapely legs, wearing a dress or skirt that’s a little shorter than what you would normally wear to the office wouldn’t hurt.


Unlike men, many women don’t really care mainly about physical looks – they will pay more attention to how men behave. Sure, it’s a bonus to have a guy with a toned body and a ruggedly handsome face, but if he’s sleazy or bad-tempered, the good looks would be trumped and many Filipina women would rather focus on that bad behavior.
Alongside those usual behavioral “biggies” like being sweet, kind and thoughtful, a lot of women are also attracted to men who are able to be confident and self-assured without being cocky or arrogant. This time, guys, don’t be too insulted. Again, it all comes down to biology. A man who is assured in their own self-worth as well as able to be in to express “softer” emotions such as tenderness and sweetness shows a man who is comfortable with themselves.
Here’ a tip when it comes to dating Filipina women: don’t worry too much about your physical appearance. Focus on the good qualities about yourself that you want to bring to the forefront: you’re a good listener, you have a great sense of humor, or you love trying new things. These will be more interesting to her than hearing about your day at the gym, or how much you can bench press.

How do you make the most of your attributes?

So many invest time, money, and effort into things that they believe will get them their dream partner: a killer pair of heels, or a loud sports car, but in the long run, they won’t attract people whom they will want to make a long-term relationship with. More often than not, they attract shallow, superficial people who disappear when you no longer have money in the bank, or the perfect curves.
Remember, the best way to attract a potential partner is being true to who you are, and finding a person who will appreciate that will bring you someone whom you will want to spend your life with.