Filipina Dating Tips: Signs He’s not into You

By Lorii Abela

Isn’t it frustrating to find out that the foreigner you like or you are dating is not attracted to you? In the online dating world, Filipina women can have some difficulty understanding foreign men. The culture difference can leave you clueless whether he is into you or not.
You may encounter foreign men who are insistent, who will openly tell you their intentions and what they truly feel about you. However, not all men are the same. There are guys who are shy hiding behind their computers and most of these ‘Mr. Shy Guy’ types don’t send the right signals. Knowing some cues if he is into you will help you avoid having expectations and even breaking your heart. Here are signes that he is NOT into you:

Not showing interest in you

A foreigner who is not into you wouldn’t bother asking much about you or your life. Or, he may be pretending to be interested but have no real serious intention. You can also ask him point blank “what do you want from me?” A real man will not deny what he really feels and thinks about you. You can look into his eyes to know if he is faking it. If he is into you, he would hungry for more information about you, your culture and what is important to you.

Not telling you about himself

Shutting you off means you’re not invited to be a part of his world. This is in fact a telltale sign that there’s no chemistry between you two. Be alert as this could also mean he is not available. If he is revealing more about himself, conversations would keep on going. It can lead to more dates, communication and even a blossoming relationship.

Not trying to make a good impression

Good impressions beyond doubt matter a lot especially during the first date. He would also try to not only woo you but your family as well to follow the Filipino courtship tradition. A guy who’s into you would go the extra mile to impress you by being a gentleman, consistent and eminently caring.

Not flirting with you

Flirting, in simple ways like whispering, perking up when seeing you, becoming chatty, staying close to you, making fun of you and making a lot of eye contact when you’re having conversation are signs that he is physically attracted to you. If he fails to show one or all of these flirty actions, then it’s a sign he’s not feeling it.

Not communicating or finding ways to see you again

When the guy you’ve dated did not ask you out for another date, did not call, email or chat with you then he is sending an absolutely clear message that you’re not on his priority list. If a man wants you, he’ll communicate and find other ways to see you once more. As long as you did not folded up and you have told your date that you had a nice time, chances are he would contact you if he is into you.
It’s better not to waste your time and effort to a foreigner that doesn’t want you in his world. Remember, there are still many fishes in the ocean…..explore and test the waters.
There are still many other signs that convey a guy is simply not into you. Do you know the other signs? Share it with us in comments.