Do Not Ignore a Filipina's Family in Courtship

By Lorii Abela

The Filpina dating culture is slightly similar to other Asian countries – with some differences. There’s a complex mix of culture, religion, traditional beliefs and cultural influences from the east and west are still imbedded deep in the Filipina woman. While the urban parts of the Philippines may have adapted to a more westernized culture, some parts in the rural areas are still adapting a more traditional custom to dating. But one thing is for certain, you will win the heart of a lovely Filipina lady if you win the favor of her family.
The Foundation of Filipino Culture
Filipinas are known for their close family ties. In general, Filipinas love to be around family and form strong family ties because of close kinship among the members (especially if there’s food involved!). A typical Filipina home would include the parents, brothers and sisters. For some, a compound may be applicable for homes that consist of families up to third generation!
Dating integrated in the thick of family bonds
It’s not uncommon for kids leaving their parent’s house at the age of 18. This is the time of full independence and a pathway to starting a fulfilling adult life. But in the case of Filipinas, young women (and some men) are still living with their parents up until they are married. It is not like Filipinas are not strong-willed enough to survive on their own. It’s just that the close bond created within the family is what gives them support and encouragement. It’s a haven for them as they make it to the world and find their success in whatever industry they choose.
Great respect for the elders
Filipinas are big on respect. A common gesture of this respect is by saying ‘po’ and ‘opo’. Normally, people would just say ‘thank you’. But in the Filipina’s perspective, it has to go with ‘thank you po’.
In talking to people who are older than them, they use ‘kuya’ for big brother and ‘ate’ for big sister. It’s not a first name basis like you usually hear in western cultures. It’s this courteous attitude that Filipinas also get from traditions passed on from generations to generations.
Mixing culture and courting
Respect and quality family bonds make this a charming allurement for courting a Filipina woman. Exceptionally loving, respectable and loyal, Filipino women make for a great wife and an equal partner in life. Everything a foreign man needs is patience, understanding and lots of stamina to handling all that social Filipino activities!
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