Do Not Fall for Gold Digger Filipina Beauties

By Lorii Abela

Filipina women are attractive. Their charm and beauty make them admirable and you will have no other option but falling for them. It is hard to get rid of the aura they have around them. It is essential though to get to know them first so that you can make a wise choice before thinking about future with them. Chances are that you are cleared out of all the doubts you might be having all along anyway.
We cannot deny the fact that Filipino online dating can be challenging. It can take a lot of dates to finally meet the love of your life. When you find the right Filipina woman, she would be the best thing that is going to happen to you. But there is a twisted tale to this whole scenario.
As women are afraid of getting involved with false partners, men similarly face the horror of “gold-diggers.” While there are many good Filipino wife-material women out there, there would always be some rotten apples along the way. These would be those women who are looking for men who can take care of them financially or lavishly.
On a Philippine dating site, men may come across women who want to be involved. Before you take the plunge, here are some factors that would help you to identify the right choice versus the woman to avoid.

  • Always keen on going to expensive restaurants. This can be the first sign of a “gold-digger.” Filipina beauties are quite appreciative if you take them out but watch out if they mostly demand going to restaurants that command a steep price. Be wary if she takes her whole family along. Your credit card would take a toll as you are expected to pay for everyone. This is particularly true if she is from a poor family or you are still in the wooing stage. In the Philippine culture, family members have a say about their daughter’s choice.
  • Choosy about gifts. A woman who is really interested in you will not be judgmental about the gifts you give her. If you are seeing a gold digger, things can be different. Usually, one has to spend a fortune in buying her branded and high ticketed items.
  • Wouldn’t travel without car. If you don’t have a car, you may want to forget dating her. Money driven women are looking for men with expensive and fancy cars. This is where you should get the hint that she is not with you just for love.
  • Looks for family inheritance. Do not be surprised if a Filipina woman starts asking you about your family background or wealth on the first date. Some gold diggers can be too obvious.
  • Rushing to get married. It cannot be denied that Filipina women can be conservative. They want to take things slow. If she is in a rush to be hitched, chances are that is a red flag. She might be all after the visa. We have all heard horrible stories that women got married then divorced as soon as they got a legal status. If you are well off, consider having a pre-nuptial agreement.
Filipina dating can get tricky if you do not take precaution and learn about the woman you are dating. Do not fall for gold-digger Filipina beauties who would leave you bankrupt, rather, look for the one who truly loves you!