Dating a Filipina with No Common Interests

By Lorii Abela

Dating can be fun and worthwhile and this entirely depends on how you are getting along with the Filipina woman. If you have no common interests, that can also be exciting if you are open to the possibility of dating someone who has interests that are quite different from yours. Having common interests is actually one of the keys to a fulfilling and lasting relationship; however, it requires time for you to be able to know if you have the same interests or not. One way to know is to date someone. Filipinas can tell you that they are interested in something you enjoy just to please you. They are easy going and some would not mind learning something new. Here are some tips that can help you.

Set a standard to gauge compatibility

Know what you want

Aside from saving you time, having a “wish list” is convenient and clear. Before delving into Filipina dating, it is actually healthy to identify the core characteristics you wish your ideal mate to have. This should be considered as something important since from the outset you are able to identify them. Be sure of what you want from a Filipina woman. Without knowing this, you might settle for someone who is just available and wind up making choices you would regret later.

Do not accept someone who does not meet your “wish list”

Learn to say no if the core characteristics you have in your list are not present in this Filipina who suddenly shows up in your life. If those interests you expect from an ideal mate are not typical of her, then most likely you have not found your match yet.

Give a chance

If the Filipina and you have something in common but not all of the characteristics in your wish list, do not say no right away particularly if the things you do not have in common are not among your top non-negotiable. Try to find out each other’s interests that you may be able to adapt.

Never try to change a person

Do not insist on forcing and changing a person. No amount of intimidation will work. Changing a Filipina is always a futile attempt unless that person is also willing to change but then again change is really up to the person. How much you understand the person and her characteristics is all that matters.

Some relationships are smooth. But other relationships are rocky you can’t explain why. Is it because both have no common interests? Be willing to explore to know what would work for you without sacrificing your identity or your values.