5 Things Foreign Men Says to Filipina Women and What He REALLY Means

By Lorii Abela

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, you have already heard this before, but most Filipina women go on with their dating life forgetting that foreigners may sound like they are speaking in riddles. The things men say are usually taken so literally that the true meaning is misunderstood.

I can’t express my feelings the way you do.

Well, of course not! Otherwise he’d be a woman, wouldn’t he? Why do you expect him to wear his emotions on his sleeve? Society has drummed it into his head that “boys don’t cry”, “men don’t show emotions” and all that rubbish. You need to understand what he’s really trying to say: that emotional outburst is NOT the way he expresses emotions. There are other signals you can look out for to identify your man’s mood. If he’s really sad about something like losing a close relative, for example, he might suddenly go on a DIY spree and leave you wondering why your “all thumbs” man has suddenly become Mr. Handyman. He might show his happiness by buying you an expensive gift with the money he has been saving up for a special occasion.

I need my freedom.

What you as a Filipina woman need to understand is that foreign men need their space. He’s not trying to make you out to be Mrs. Prison Warden, so don’t react like he is. A smart woman knows how to maintain boundaries that don’t seem restrictive. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much men actually value their comfort zones when you allow them to roam.

I can’t handle your emotions.

What he means is that every time he discusses his worries or concerns, he doesn’t want you to jump on the bandwagon and start doubling or tripling the “worry quotient” between the two of you. All he needs is someone who will listen without reacting to everything he says or criticizing him or judging him.

I’m not scared of committing.

Well this one you have to take at face value, but most women don’t. Did you know that in a recent study involving 12,000 men and women, 66 per cent of men said they preferred marriage over a life of singlehood? In contrast, only 51 per cent of women said that! Go figure!
So if you’ve been interpreting your foreign man’s words differently, you now know that he’s actually saying something very different…and the things you thought he was wrong about are actually spot on!